Welcome to my website. I am proud to present you my products and tell you something
of the technology involved.

Jan Allaerts cartridges aim to perfection and therefore are built with extreme
care and patience and only with the very best materials available.

I hope you will enjoy visiting my pages.

Copyright notice : no information on this website may be copied without my permission.
Any abuse may lead to immediate legal prosecution.

To enable you to follow our firm, we decided to insert a “News  page". We’re doing this because we’re not on Facebook or LinkedIn, we used to have an account but it got flooded,

due to this it wasn’t achievable for us to maintain or update these pages on a daily basis.

I’d still like to thank you for the unbelievable response on these media. -JA

Dear costumers, we’re unable to accept shipments from DHL from outside the EEC (European Economic Community).
DHL gives us too many problems with import taxes and duty from the repairs that you send us. After countless consultations they still don’t want to understand

the fact that we’re talking about temporary import and NOT purchase, although they do tax us as if it were.

This could result in costing the customer a lot of money.


At the moment we have some cases that people buy on the internet used cartridges from me , and some get really wrong information

about this , so we have setup a new mail address for this , ( J.A-Tech@Telenet.be ) Please ask me information about  sales from

Cartridges Before you buy ! !!!!   , Repair History and building date , and model Type ECO , MC 1 B ......