A cartridge transforms micro mechanical movements into an electrical tension.We are talking about micromechanics since these systems are trying to convey these movements into electricity under very extreme conditions,enormous concentrations of mechanical strain and magnetic energy fields.
The fact that one can go about these in several different ways is well kown and the moving coil principle is only one of many options.
The latest developments in this specific technology showed clearly that it warrants the highest quality feasable.
The drawbacks being mostly its lowish output requiring especially sensitive amplifiers.
Due to the variety and complexity of its many orders Allacor increased its research in the field looking for answers on the precise composition and relational behaviour of parts and materials used in a cartridge.
We found that to build an exceptional cartridge one needs to pay attention so such details as the molecular structure of the materials used and moreover that the internal electrical potentials within these materials can hinder the energy carriage within the entire system.
Therefore it should be said that it soon became clear that some opposing and correlating demands within the system were to be met.
One part of major importance is the housing,the so called “shell”,which has to be made of a very soft grade of aluminium which is then to be coated with an extremely resistent conductive oxyde coating.
The system’s polar shoes are carved out manually,not machined nor pressed,as to not upset its molecular structure.Also the magnet is picked from a rare earth material with constant magnetism,in such a way that it is not influenced by a changing magnetic field.
These three elements,the housing,polar shoes and magnet,once finished are then fitted together with a precision of one thousandth of a milimeter.
A presicion that can only be achieved by working under a microscope using specially made tools.

The coils which generate the electrical field are wound by hand and subsequently fixed at the center of the magnetic field.The coilwire used can be either copper,silver or gold depending on the type of cartridge to be built.
And again this system is placed with a precision of one thousandth of a milimeter,diagonally crossed onto the magnetic field.
Depending on the type of cartridge model a cantilever made out of boron,saphire or diamond is fitted which is carrying the tip.This is either a Fritz Gyger type 1 or S and has an expected life of five thousand playing hours.Tip and cantilever are again mounted with a precision of one micron in line with the housing.
Now the cartridge is ready to be sealed with an extremely thin aluminium shell which is goldfoil plated on the inside using twenty four carat gold.
This gets connected to the earthing system to provide a cage of Faraday and thereby creates a perfect low an high frequency shield.

Conclusion :

As a music lover technical details like those described probably are not your first concern,although we sincerely hope we have enlightened you a little on the subject.
Now you will surely be more aware of the enormous technical skills that creep into the manufacturing process of your beloved cartridge.
And rest assured that our computerdriven measuring equipment is taking care of keeping cartridge to cartridge differences to an absolute minimum.
But after all is said and done it is finally your hearing that will be the ultimate precision tool in deciding that what you hear is right.
Now all there is left to be said is that we whish you an enormous amount of listening pleasure once you’ve become one of those proud owners of a J.Allaerts MC cartridge.