MC2 Formula One

Casing Manually milled and drilled aluminium.  
Special prepare for Gold coated 100 Ámm
Cover 0,3 mm thick, coated with 24 ct. gold foil.
Color Gold colored finish  24 ct Kobalt.
Terminals Soft iron, shaped by grinding and milling.  
Special prepare for Gold coated 100 Ámm
Connector pins 1,3 mm x 20 mm, 14 ct. solid gold pins.
Screw bushes 2.5 mm brass threaded bushes mounded into casing.
Magnet Permanent. (Cat.: rare earth magnet)  Samarium-Cobalt
Power : max. BH (Kj/m3░) 280
Coil 2 mm x 2 mm, Teflon Type c 1005 +
Coil windings 20 micron gold handwinding wire +
Stylus holder Solid Boron rod: 0,3 mm x 7 mm.
Angle of stylus in holder: 0░.
Stylus tip TIP FG-S High Tech diamond, highly polished finish.
Rounded radius 4 micron.
Shock absorption High Tech Rubber, 120 SCHOR
Tension wire Steel wire spring, code 1007 +.



Coil impedance 32 Ohm
Load impedance 845 Ohm
Load capacity   150 pF
Stylus pressure 1.8 grams, Max. tolerance 0,05 gram
Output voltage 150 ÁV
Max. tracing capacity >400 Ámm
Channel separation >70 dB at 100  Hz
>60 dB at 1   KHz
>70 dB at 20 KHz
Frequency range    3 Hz to 150 KHz
Total  THD % 0.01  %
Total unit weight 11 grams (incl. socket screws)
The technical data specified above are dependent on the actual arm used in the equipment.   Test Equipment :
Goldmund Turntable / Air Tangent  arm with exterior wiring