This is a warning to people that buy  Allaerts cartridges on the black market.

We  do  appreciate the second hand market on Internet so people that  do not have the financial potential can buy good products here.

The situation  is different when people or non dealers sells Brand New Illegal cartridges,or second hand repaired by other service centers on this way we must warn everybody, and can not tolerate this,especially when the cartridge be opened !

There is no guarantee and service anymore on this cartridges ever and  we must disappoint the buyers in this respect.

My cartridges are a very precious High End product and Market speculation like this is not only shameless but also illegal and we take the necessary judicial steps to clear this out.

All my importers and distributors are warned about this and when there is no serial number on the cartridge or some direct invoice from the dealer the cartridge will be excluded from all services.